84" Upright panel. Vertical partition between all fixed shelves and other horizontal closet parts. Price is per panel.

84" H. x 14" D. x 3/4" thick panel with holes on either one side or two sides (Panel is reverse-able, so no need to specify side for hole drilling).

Panel with holes on BOTH SIDES should be used where cabinet parts (including Top, Bottom, Fixed Shelf Sets) exist on each side.

Panel with holes on ONE SIDE should be used at the end of a cabinet run as a finished end.

84" Upright Panel [1]

  • With assistance, place panel in desired location. Use provided connectors (included in Top, Bottom, Fixed Shelf Set) to attach sections. Once assembled, attach to wall using wall anchor lip (provided).

    *Detailed installation instructions are provided with shipped product, and are available in PDF form on Closet Essentials page.

  • Refer to Closet Essentials Design Guide (Step 3), or contact us for assistance in designing your closet.

Thank you for your order!