Horizontal set of [1] Top, [1] Bottom, and [1] Fixed Shelf. Used to connect 84" Upright Panels and Package Units.

Comes in 5 standard sizes: 14" D. x 12", 18", 24", 30", or 36" Wide.

Also, part "Custom" is a custom length part (within 1/16") anywhere between 24" and 36".


If applicable, specify custom length in field titled "Specify CUSTOM length here:"

Top, Bottom, Fixed Shelf Set

  • With assistance, place Top, Bottom, Fixed Shelf Set in desired location. Use provided connectors to attach sections to Upright Panels. Once assembled, attach to wall using wall anchor lip (provided).

    *Detailed installation instructions are provided with shipped product, and are available in PDF form on Closet Essentials page.

  • Refer to Closet Essentials Design Guide (Step 3), or contact us for assistance in designing your closet.

Thank you for your order!